Add the tools you need for future growth with our groundbreaking approaches to risk management.

The construction industry is complex and change doesn’t come easy. With labor shortages, global uncertainty, worker safety, cyber threat and claims management top of mind no matter how big your operation is, it takes a lot to move the needle of progress for your worksite. However, consulting industry veterans from our specialty Construction Group can help. Contractors, service providers and suppliers, and owners and developers have all relied on us to ask the right questions and find actionable answers.

How can you accurately forecast labor and material costs over the coming years? Or enhance safety for your team? Or find the advocacy you need to effectively manage claims?

The right partner goes a long way in helping you set a firm foundation and build your business stronger than ever. NFP is your go-to risk management team. We’re particularly savvy in the construction industry. This enables us to see problems – and solutions – you may not be aware of.

We support companies in the construction space, absorbing your business strategy and examining all areas of exposure through that lens, understanding your risks, prioritizing them, and helping you handle them on your own terms.

We help you calculate the cost of what’s at stake to give you a clear picture of what to address and when. Then we leverage our market insights and rally our experts to design solutions that will transfer your risk to the insurance market and help achieve your goals.

While many risks can be mitigated through firm contracts, worker training and strict worksite safety rules, top notch and affordable coverage is table stakes. By combining quality commercial insurance capabilities with expertise in HR management and benefits, NFP can help you secure your business for the long haul.

From claims management to contract review, claims management, HR support, risk management consultation, workforce engagement and workers’ compensation, we can help you decrease your total cost of risk and grow your business.

In addition to those standard coverages and services needed by most businesses (such as property and liability, directors and officers liability, errors and omissions, cyber liability and legal expense), our storied, unique experience in construction-based property and casualty space equips us with coverages specific to every aspect of the industry. That includes professional liability for architects and engineers (A&E), and contract and commercial surety support.

Whether you are the project owner, contractor, subcontractor or engineer, our seasoned personnel will meet with you to develop a detailed risk management approach.

Let us help protect the business you've built, together. For more information on our capabilities and the Construction Group, visit our Construction specialty page.